Interactive Design Services Pty Ltd is a small civil engineering consultancy based in Sydney, Australia, specializing in analysis, design, review and technical advice related to bridges and soil interaction structures such as retaining walls and buried structures. The principal of the company, Doug Jenkins, has over 30 years experience in the design and construction of bridges, retaining walls, and buried arch structures

Doug Jenkins, Career Summary

Since graduating from London University in 1972 I have spent the majority of my career working on the design and construction of bridges and related structure

After working in the United Kingdom and Saudi Arabia I came to Australia in 1984, joining Maunsell at their Canberra office.

I joined the Reinforced Earth Company in 1993 as Engineering Manager at their Australian head office in Sydney.

Whilst at Reinforced Earth I was the Asia-Pacific regional representative on the company’s international technical committee and head of the international group responsible for the development of the “TechSpan” pre-cast concrete buried arch product. In this role I managed the development of product specific computer software, set up international training programmes and design and review procedures, and provided technical advice and design services to countries introducing TechSpan.

I have written and presented several technical papers on the behaviour of buried arch structures, including a paper at the recent World Congress on Earthquake Engineering in Auckland. In Australia I was directly responsible for the design of all TechSpan projects, including several large and innovative projects such as the Homebush Bay Rail Link

In July 2000 I started business as an independent consultant. Reinforced Earth remains a major client, but I am now seeking opportunities to offer my services to others.

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  • The upper illustration on each page of this web site is taken from the paper "Arch Structures - Spanning Past Present and Future" (5.1 MB file), presented to the Concrete Institute of Australia conference in 1999. The lower illustrations are examples of recent projects designed by Interactive Design Services

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