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This software is either open source or free demonstration software. Unprotected versions of the demonstration applications, including source code, are available to current IDS clients on request.

No support is provided with these applications; however comments and questions are welcomed, and will be dealt with as time permits.


    GNU General Public License
    Design of reinforced concrete sections
  • Calculate stresses under combined bending and axial load
  • Calculate minimum reinforcement areas to AS3600 and AS5100
  • Calculate crack widths to BS5400 and EuroCode2
  • Calculate ultimate moment capacity for specified axial load
  • Display moment/axial load interaction diagram
    • RC design functions.zip Beam design functions.zip Design of rectangular and irregular reinforced concrete sections
    • Excel custom functions for reinforced concrete design

    • Last updated 30 May 08
      Quartic.zip Finds real roots of polynomial equations up to quartic
    • Excel custom functions for solving quartic, cubic, and quadratic equations.
    • As far as I know, these are the only available open source VBA functions for solving quartic and cubic equations.

    • Last updated 28 Nov 06
    • IP: Finds the intersection points of two 2D lines or polylines;
    • IPLC: Finds the intersection points of a 2D line and a circle;
    • IPCC: Finds the intersection points of two circles;
    • IPSSS: finds the 3D intersection points of three spheres;
    • IPSS: finds the location and radius of the intersection circle of two spheres ;
    • RtoP, PtoR: Converts rectangular to polar coordinates and polar to rectangular;
    • Rotate: Rotates 2D or 3D rectangular axes about any axis;
    • Interp, Interp2, Loginterp, Loginterp2, Quadinterp: One way and 2 way linear and log interpolation; quadratic interpolation.

    • Last updated 5 Oct 07

      GNU General Public License
      Section Properties from coordinates
    • Excel custom functions for calculation of section properties from coordinates
    • GetValue.zip

      Get cell values from closed Excel files
    • Excel macros to retrieve data from closed files

    • Last updated 5 Oct 07
      S7 API Sample.zip Sample Strand7 API application
    • Generate a frame and slab structure on soil foundations, using beam, plate and brick elements
    • Change member dimensions and materials properties
    • Apply loads to nodes, beams, and plates
    • Run the analysis without leaving the application
    • Display graphs of deflections, bending moments and soil stresses
    • Calculate and plot member bending capacities and reinforcement stresses
      • S7 API Tools.zip Strand7 API tools
      • Read and write complete Strand7 models to and from Excel spreadsheets
      • Run sensitivity analyses with multiple files in one operation
      • Read model data and results with custom Excel functions
      • Automate construction sequence analysis

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